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LS-DYNA is an advanced general-purpose multiphysics simulation software package developed by the Livermore Software Technology Corporation (LSTC). LS-DYNA's potential applications are numerous and can be tailored to many fields. LS-DYNA is not limited to any particular type of simulation. In a given simulation, any of LS-DYNA's many features can be combined to model a wide variety of physical events. An example of a simulation that involves a unique combination of features is the NASA JPL Mars Pathfinder landing which simulated the space probe's use of airbags to aid in its landing.   LS-DYNA's analysis capabilities:   Full 2D & 3D capabilities Nonlinear dynamics Rigid body dynamics Quasi-static simulations Normal modes Linear statics Thermal analysis Fluid analysis Eulerian capabilities ALE (Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian) FSI (Fluid-Structure Interaction) Navier-Stokes fluids Compressible fluid solver, CESE (Conservation Element & Solution Element) FEM-rigid multi-body dynamics coupling (MADYMO, Cal3D) Underwater shock Failure analysis Crack propagation Real-time acoustics Implicit springback Multi-physics coupling Structural-thermal coupling Adaptive remeshing SPH (Smoothed particle hydrodynamics) DEM (Discrete element method) EFG (Element Free Galerkin) Radiation transport EM (Electromagnetism)

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